At HFX Tattoo we strive to work by the highest standards, bringing a clean and safe environment for a professional and high quality tattoo experience!


Our top priority is  providing the highest standard of tattoo design, body piercing, and retail services in an atmosphere of integrity, care, respect and approachability. Working with every style, we endeavour to create a fun and professional experience. 

Walk in appointments are accepted depending on the artists schedule and availability. We highly encourage popping by the shop to have a look at our portfolios and have a chat with us about your ideas. It is a pleasure for us to help you find the right artist for your vision and answer any questions you may have. In fact, we encourage questions and aim to help better educate the public on our industry!

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm-6pm for walk ins and consultations.  Our artists are willing to book appointments outside of these hours, based on their availability.

  • We are a cash only shop! Debit and credit are not accepted, but we do have an ATM on premises.
  • We charge an hourly rate of $120 +tax for tattoos, with a minimum price of $80 +tax.  
  • Piercings are $40 + tax. Prices do not include cost of jewelry or aftercare product. Please note,  photos or video during the piercing process are not permitted - feel free to do so once your piercing is complete!
  • HFX Tattoo is an 18+ shop. No exceptions.

Let us work with you to give you the most positive tattoo/piercing experience we can!

HFX TATTOO is an 18+ shop. Bringing children into a tattoo shop environment means potentially exposing them to hazardous situations including, but not limited to, bio-hazardous waste, sharp objects, choking hazards, etc. Children in a tattoo shop can also become a distraction to both our artists and to clients, so for your best experience possible, please leave your little ones at home.  

We also ask that you bring no more than one guest per client to avoid overcrowding in our artists' stations. 




HFX Tattoo currently houses artists;  Gordon Sparks, Keegan Lam, Taryn Roach. 
Piercings  are provided by Claire Savard, who is here full time to accommodate your needs.