• Remove the bandage/wrapping 1-2 hours after the tattoo is complete.
• Give your new tattoo a rinse with cool-warm water and a non scented or dyed soap and your fingertips.
The purpose of rinsing is to remove any ointment .
• Pat dry with a clean towel. Do not replace wrapping, let the air get at the tattoo. This is the start of the healing process. Leaving a tattoo wrapped for a prolonged amount of time is not advised.  Bacteria grows in warm damp places and a wrapped tattoo with air getting in is the perfect environment for a bacterial infection. 

  •  The idea with a healing tattoo is for the scab to come and go as naturally as possible. Too much lotion or using lotion with medication will make the scab soft (therefore prolonging the healing process).
  • Lotions with medication raise the ink to the surface causing a thicker scab, taking longer to heal. *if you notice your tattoo 'sweating' hemoglobins in the first couple days this is normal and it is normal to have tints of the ink colour in it as well. wash this off every hour you notice it happening and this will help bypass thick scabbing.  when the hemoglobin dries it builds up into a scab.
    • Vitamin a and d cream is highly recommended but any white lotion (no scent or dye) like Lubriderm, jergens, or st.ives ect will do. Something that absorbs into the skin. Nothing like vaseline or polysporin. 

• When showering, do not let the water directly touch the tattoo, but let the water run down over it. You don’t want to soak your tattoo/scab, as it can lead to colour loss. Avoid chlorinated water until the tattoo is fully healed, as it may dry out the tattoo/skin and cause discomfort and ink loss.
• When scab forms over your tattoo, do not pick at it!
• Hand and feet tattoos are more susceptible to scab loss/touchup.
• The average time for a tattoo’s scab to come off is 1-2 weeks.
• The sun is a virgin tattoo’s worst enemy (tattoos under a year old). The sun fades the ink so make sure to put sunscreen over your tattoo every time you get sun exposure (SPF 30+)

For infection to occur it takes very unsanitary conditions. Your tattoo is done so it is up to you from here on out, take good care of your new tattoo and if you have any questions during or after the healing process please do not hesitate to call your Artist at 902-405-7080.

It may take up to 6 weeks for a tattoo to be completely healed. Enjoy!